Click to Enlarge Grocery Bags
High density polyethylene bags used widely in retail merchandise such as groceries and bakeries for storing and transporting perishable food items . It extends the shelf life of food products by preventing moisture and dirt. Available in different grades and sizes to suit the retail needs.
Click to Enlarge Textile Bags
Made both of HDPE and LDPE high quality resins to ensure durability. The most popular carrier for textile shopping. A range of size, grade and colours offered.
Click to Enlarge Carry Bags - T- shirt type
High density plastic bags made of premium grade resins, suitable for carrying and shopping purposes. Thanks to its load bearing quality, it is widely used for carrying vegetables, fruits, groceries, food etc. Available in different sizes.
Click to Enlarge Oil Pouch carriers
D-Cut HDPE bags custom deisgned for carrying oil pouchs. It comes in varying sizes.
Click to Enlarge News paper packaging
High density film for wrapping news paper stacks in transit. Water proof and offer protection from dirt and dust. Sold as rolls and sheets and available in different grades.
Click to Enlarge Seafood packaging
High density and Low density films & bags for preserving seafood such as shrimp, squid and other fishes in transit. Available in different grades and sizes to suit varying customer needs.
Click to Enlarge Polyethylene Liners
HDPE film used as inner liners in packaging spices and grains. Different sizes and grades available.
Click to Enlarge Rain guard for rubber plantation
HDPE and LDPE sheets used as tapping shade in rubber tapping to facilitate dryness which is indispensable for tapping and therefore ensures uninterrupted tapping during rainy season. It also offers protection for latex collection cup fixed under tapping part. Available in different sizes.
Click to Enlarge Garbage bags
HDPE bags or collecting and removing rubbish. Different sizes and grades available.